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"Augmenting Sophisticated Innovations to Sustain Energy Resilience for Future Challenges"

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Our Competitions


There are 8 competitions in IPFEST 2022: Mud Innovation Competition, Business Case Competition, Oil Rig Design Competition, Plan of Development Competition, Paper & Poster Competition, Geothermal Development Plan Competition, IPMUN Competition, and Smart Competition. Click on the competition of your choices below to learn more and register to the competition!

Our Events


In this year, IPFEST 2022 holds 8 events which were categorized into pre-event and main event. Pre-Events consists of Play Your Part, Keep The Beat Going, Arms Around The Child, and Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture (IPGL).

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Charity event that will be focusing to contribute in solving environmental issues in Indonesia related to energy security by recruiting more than 500 volunteers

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Arms Around The Child

Orphanage visit aims to raise awareness in society about educational issues in an orphanage: as known, children will be the nation's next generation. Because of that, education is crucial to be instilled from an early age.

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Blood donation event, where people will voluntarily donate blood to help others (e.g., hospitals, clinics) struggle to find a particular blood type with its characteristics.

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Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture is a series of guest lectures delivered by professionals covering topics about technical knowledge on the oil and gas sector.

Play Your Part

Keep The Beat Going

Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture

Post Events

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Even in this pandemic, we will ensure that our delegates will still have the huge opportunity to connect and gain informations with all delegates around the world.

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Arms Around The Child

Awarding celebration for competition winners, best volunteers, and best campus ambassadors.

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Grand seminar that discusses about topics related to IPFEST 2022 theme and will be brought by well-known speakers from oil and gas industry.

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An exhibition event that showcases information about energy companies and exhibits the results from some competitions. Participants can also build connection with the best professionals in oil and gas companies.

Time To Build your network!

Integrated petroleum conference exhibition

Integrated petroleum exhibition

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